Foreign trained therapist

MOS Therapy Welcome’s Foreign Therapist

Begun your American dream today

If you are a foreign trained healthcare professional desiring to work and live in the US. MOS Therapy in a perfect partner for you.We offer you continual personalized attention from the moment you start Journey of becoming licensed to starting a clinical assignment in US.

MOS Therapy has helped various healthcare professionals from across the globe to obtain licensure to practice in US and necessary certification along with settling in the US. Our dedicated International HR team has an decade of experience in International credentialing with various agencies like ICD,FCCPT, CGFNS and recruiting. They assist each professionals in every step of process from TOEFL to securing green card / US Permanent residency and every process in between.



  • Reimbursement up-to $5000
  • Assistance with obtaining visitor visa for writing exam like NPTE
  • Free H1B visa sponsorship ( All cost paid by MOS Therapy
  • Assistance with filing dependent visa H4 for Spouse and children
  • Assistance with Credentialing
  • Paid transition housing
  • Option for filing Green Card(Permanent US Residency) filing
  • Assistance with Car leasing in US
  • Expert Immigration support
  • Competitive package for therapist and nurses with US experience seeking green card or H!b transfer filing

How It works.

  • Interview with our Foriegn HR
  • Sign a Job Contract with US
  • Preparation & Credentialing
  • Obtain License & work as Licensed Therapist

Our International HR Team

MOS Therapy Staffing understands decision of working in USA is very important in a life of therapist. We have a dedicated team of recruiters and credentialing from their home country to understand the skills of therapist and providing them all the required information about working in USA.

Our team work tirelessly to choose best talent and assisting them to become eligible to work in USA as a Therapist. Therapist our team assist are

  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Nurses

Supporting Foreign Therapist

We understand the process of credentialing, licensing and immigration are very complex. We provides a continuous guidance and support through out the process.

Assistance MOSTS Provides

  • Credentialing,
  • Licensing
  • Immigration
  • English Proficiency Exam
  • Licensure Exam Prep
  • Relocation assistance